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Posted on Sunday, March 15th, 2015

Fitness is good for mind, body and spirit.  It can clear your mind by giving yourself time to let go of the chatter, encouraging your body to focus on deep breath, it is a way of meditation.  Physical health keeps your body fluid, lubricating the joints, using your nutrients to build good muscle structure, building confidence within.  This all lifts our spirits and allows us to take on daily challenges with more confidence, allowing us to be better present in our relationships.

I enjoy beginning my day with fitness (after a cup of yummy organic coffee).  I use to get me going.  It’s free and has every type of exercise routine you can think of.  If you have 5min, or 95 minutes, there is a workout for you.

I enjoy fitness blender, Jillian Michaels, Tiffany Rothe, and Navy Seals abs.  Check it out, it’s easier than you think.  How you treat your today, has a great effect on how you feel tomorrow!

Author | Monique Dehne

I am inspired by the products, I love the people, I am passionate about my work. Healthy Hut is a dream come true!

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