Kilauea Paint & Feed Store: Natural Pet Food, Paints and More

Posted on Sunday, September 1st, 2013

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Now open under new ownership, Kilauea Paint & Feed Store is still located in the same location as before: just past the gas station and Menehune Food Mart at 2488 Kolo Rd in Kilauea.

New owners Iao Edmonds and Chase Belmonte are excited to offer new healthy alternatives for your pets and livestock which they promise to keep IN STOCK! They carry Solid Gold and Orijen pet foods! Orijen, biologically appropriate dog and cat food has won the pet food brand of the year award for the last three years in a row.  These pet foods contain free-range Canadian meats and wild-caught, never frozen fish and no fillers (no grains, corn, soy or water added) and always GMO-FREE! Because they aren’t getting the extra fillers (which many pets cannot digest properly anyway), your pets will only need roughly half the amount you feed them now.

For chickens and other livestock, they carry Modesto Milling organic livestock feed. Modesto Milling is a small operation in California that buys the best grains available from local farmers and tests to make sure they are GMO-FREE! They have chicken feed, including soy-free chick starter/grower, soy-free layer pellets, scratch and whole oats (soak in water and let ferment in sun for a few days, good for your chickens and they love them). Other livestock feeds include alfalfa pellets, rabbit pellets, dairy and livestock pellets, dairy goat pellets and hog grower pellets—all Organic and GMO-FREE!

Kilauea Paint & Feed also offers a fill station for alkaline ionized water. Bring your own jar and fill up or purchase a home model!

For paints, their inventory includes quality product lines such as: Pittsburgh Paints, Cabots, wood stain products, Zinnser primers and Lava Deck. They have all of the old paint cards and can easily make and match your favorite colors! They also offer kama’aina and contractor discounts!

Get your propane tanks filled with them in just minutes or drop off your empty tanks and pick up later! U-Haul rentals available from 14ft box truck with ramp to furniture dolly and moving blankets, and a brand new Ford F-150 long bed with tow capability!

Come visit their newly-renovated store or call 828-6655 with any questions!

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