We Have Removed the Smart Meter

Posted on Monday, April 29th, 2013

Aloha Everyone, here is a message from Healthy Hut Market & Cafe concerning the recent customer concern and removal of the smart meter:

A few months ago Healthy Hut opened up its store on Hookui Road and a smart meter was installed by Kaua‘i Island Utility Co-op. Some customers and employees had been asking questions about the safety of the smart meter and wondered whether there was a real and significant health risk to people at Healthy Hut. We too have heard a lot of conflicting information about smart meters and we decided to look over the available information with an open and unbiased mind.

On February 20, Neal Chantara came to the Healthy Hut to test the pulsed microwave output of our smart meter from three feet away, 8 feet away and also in the produce section (which is the closest indoor space to the exterior smart meter). The results were as follows (measurements in microwatts per centimeter squared):

At 3’ from meter: 2.47 – 3.3 W/cm²

In the produce section: 0.0013 W/cm²

We reviewed lots of studies, by both industry advocates and opponents and from overseas, as well. Most of the studies dealt with cell phones as well, because the radiation emitted by smart meters is the same as the radiation emitted by cell phones. There are lots of disagreements between the scientists. While there are some people saying that there are lots of studies definitively showing that smart meters are dangerous, when we look at the studies, they really did not say that … Rather they say that we do not know the true effects of any of this radiation on humans. We have concluded that if you look at the data without bias, you can reasonably conclude that while there is no data which shows that smart meters specifically are dangerous, there is also no definitive data which shows that they are harmless either. Here is what is clear: As you can see from the chart on the next page:

At 8’ from meter: 0.06 – .136 W/cm²;

The amount of radiation inside our produce section is 0.0013 W/cm² which is:
a. About the same as a FM radio or TV;
b. 1/500th of the radiation from a WiFi Router from 3 feet away; and
c. About 1/1,000,000th of the radiation from holding a cell phone to your ear.

We do not ban cell phones from our store; nor have there been calls to remove the free wireless internet we provide the community from our WiFi Router, and they both emit more radiation then the amount registered by Neal Chantara from inside our store. We want to keep ourselves, our employees and our customers safe and healthy. While we do not feel that it is wise to let fear, without conclusive scientific basis, be our guiding compass, we nevertheless have removed the smart meter as some of our customers have requested and it is our goal to serve the community and our customers to the best of our ability.

Mahalo and Aloha,

The Healthy Hut Market & Cafe



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  1. Gloria says:

    OK. So how did you go about that, and then what happened. Others may want to know.

  2. Lee Roversi says:

    thank you for a clear and concise report on your findings. i also attempt to not let fear guide me. . .i LOVE healthy hut!

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