New at Healthy Hut: Dale Audrey Natural Oral Health Care Products

Posted on Sunday, March 3rd, 2013


DA_pulling rinseWe now offer Dale Audrey’s all natural, chemical-free line of oral health care products including White2Nite, tooth whitening treatment, Ayurvedic Oral Pulling Rinse, the portable Quick Sonic Toothbrush and the Ayurvedic Oral Brushing Treatment for pets.

Dale Audrey’s White2Night oral whitening treatment is great for those who have sensitive teeth. It is safe and effective and each pen contains 30 applications. Click here for a video demo.

The Ayurvedic Oral Pulling Rinse is a great alternative to other mouth washes. It contains no alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate or other harsh chemical. It is inspired by the Ayurvedic practice of “oil pulling”, the swishing and pulling of vegetable oil through the teeth to remove or pull toxins from the mouth and body. This ancient practice has gained recent attention in scientific studies proving its effectiveness at reducing bacteria in the mouth and helping to heal the gums and teeth. For more on oil pulling visit: Dale Audrey’s line of oral pulling rinses take this Ayurvedic practice to the next level by adding special herbs and vitamins to leave your breath fresh and help heal teeth and gums and reduce plaque. Please click here for a video demo.

I hope you will give some of these new products a try. The oral pulling rinse in peppermint is my personal favorite. Aloha and see you at The Hut!


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