Portland Trade Show: Fun … and Exhausting

Posted on Friday, June 8th, 2012

The Portland Convention Center with its distinct glass towers

Navigating the 100’s of booths at the recent UNFI Tabletop Trade Show a little overwhelming to say the least. There was so much to see, so many people to talk to and so little time. Thanks to Monique, though, I had a list of orders for The Healthy Hut to guide me through.

One of the 'Clean-Air' zone parks in Portland

On my way to and around Portland, there were some nice things I noticed that made me smile, such as the recycling bins in the airport (strangely missing in Hawaii) and in the hotel rooms. There are “clean-air” zones scattered about Portland—little micro parks that are designated non-smoking and offer a lovely place to sit, rest and have a moment of peace. I enjoyed one of these parks on my walk to and from the trade show.

Back to the show: Held in the Portland Convention Center, with its uniquely-designed glass towers, the trade show was held for two days from Wednesday to Thursday. There were many familiar vendors there such as Bucha Kombucha company, Coco-Roons, Seasnacks and

A view of the 100's of booths at the trade show.

Himala Salt company. There were also some exciting new companies such as Way Better chip company, who makes gluten-free, non-gmo sprouted grain chips in assorted flavors. Medicine Mama’s was another company who’s product I really liked. She makes Bee Magic Wand, a propolis and honey all-in-one lip and face balm that goes on so smooth and is a wonderful treat for chapped skin. Soothing Touch, was another great company based in The recycling bins at the Portland Convention Center, celebrating 20 years of sustainability.Santa Fe, who makes lip balms, massage oils and sore muscle treatments using ayurveda remedies as inspiration.

Well that is all for now. I will be exploring Portland until I return on the 13th. I will hit up some of the local health food stores, farmers markets and restaurant so check back.

Perks of the job: the many samples and treats I got at the show took two bags to fill!

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