Home Made Beet Kvass For Health and Detox

Posted on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Fresh beet ginger kvass is quick and easy to make at home!



















Aloha Everyone, I thought I’d share with you my personal recipe for beet kvass. Traditionally beet kvass is made with beets, water and sea salt, but I like to add a squeeze of fresh lime juice and some fresh Hawaiian ginger to spice things up!

I first learned about making my own beet kvass in Sally Fallon’s excellent cook book, Nourishing Traditions—one of my personal favorites. According to the information in the book, and my own personal experience, beet kvass is an excellent digestive aid and powerful, yet gentle detoxifier. If you ever need help “getting things moving” then try beet kvass! For me it works like a charm and tastes great. Beet kvass also alkalizes the blood and helps to purify the liver and kidneys.

So here is my simple recipe for you to try at home. You can use quart-sized mason jars or recycled tomato sauce jars. Hint: to get the smell out of reused jars simply wash and fill with hot water and a couple drops of essential oil such as peppermint, clove or lavender and let sit overnight.

Make sure to use all organic ingredients as the pesticides on conventional produce can stop the fermentation process. Also make sure to use a quality sea salt that is not bleached such as Eden, Real Salt or Himalayan. The fermentation will not work without the proper salt! Aloha and see you at The Hut!

Beet Ginger Kvass

Makes 2 quarts

1-3 beets (depending on size) finely chopped

2 fingers of ginger (to taste) finely chopped

juice of 2 fresh limes

clean water

1 teaspoon sea salt

Put chopped beets and ginger into clean quart-sized jars. Beets should fill at least one fourth of the jar. Next add lime juice and sea salt, divided evenly between the jars. Fill each jar with water leaving a half inch of space at the top. Seal jars and place in a dark cupboard for five to seven days. Transfer to fridge and leave for about two weeks or longer. The longer you let the kvass ferment, the more bubbly and less sweet it will become. This indicates probiotic content and it is a really good sign. A sour smell is natural, but if there is a moldy smell then through out and start over.



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4 Responses to “Home Made Beet Kvass For Health and Detox”

  1. Cee says:

    Can you also eat the beet pieces?

  2. shastin says:

    You can. They preserve during the fermentation process and are perfectly safe to eat. I usually just drink the liquid though. You can also refill the jar with more water after it is drunk and enjoy a slightly diluted version of the kvass.

  3. Terri says:

    Hi! Whem making the ginger kvass, do you have to open the jar everyday to let air out so the jar does not explode or do you just put in the cupboard and don’t touch for several days? Thank you!

  4. shastin says:

    No need to open the jar. Just leave sealed in cupboard for several days. A certain amount of fermentation helps to naturally seal the jar and then you just transfer it to the fridge. I have never had a jar explode, although sometimes they can be difficult to get open.

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