Toxic Cosmetics: Yuck!!

Posted on Sunday, August 14th, 2011

Various cosmetic products can contain harmful chemicals

When buying everyday products such as shampoo, deodorant and lotion, few of us ever consider just how dangerous many of these products can be to our long-term health. More people are getting cancer these days and many more are having fertility issues. As I have learned from Doctor John R. Lee, author of “What your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Premenopause,” hormone imbalances—due in large part to the harmful chemicals we are regularly exposed to—are the main cause of both infertility and cancers of all kinds. 

I believe the cause of these scarey diseases may be staring us in the face, literally. That expensive (or not so expensive) aftershave, lipstick or hair gel we love so much may contain a slew of cancer-causing, fertility-stealing chemicals that we never suspected. Why did we not know this? Because maybe we never gave it a second thought. We don’t want to believe that the products which promise to bring us so much good may actually be killing us slowly.

In order for us to know anything about the products we use, we must charge past the flashy packaging and empty slogans and READ THE INGREDIENTS! If there are any unknown ingredients, we should research them thoroughly, it is the only way to really know what they are and what they do in our bodies. I don’t believe that these companies want to harm others, but I do believe that they are being careless and irresponsible in their manufacturing and marketing practices. This needs to change for the sake of us all—our water, soil, animals and especially our children. Really, we have nothing to loose and everything to gain on this issue.

I would like to share this link with all of you. It is an animated presentation about the story of cosmetics.

Enjoy and be well.

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