Powerhouse Creamery: Kaua‘i ice cream now available at Healthy Hut

Posted on Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Powerhouse Creamery, Made on Kauai

Sparrow serves ice cream at a farmer's market on Kauai.

If you are a fan of local food and coconut milk ice cream then you are in for a treat! We are now bringing in more of Powerhouse Creamery’s delicious ice creams including a dairy-free coconut variety that can hold its own against the other popular brands in the emerging coconut ice cream market.

Powerhouse Creamery is owned and operated by local Kaua‘i resident Sparrow Fontura. All her ice creams are hand-crafted from local ingredients including lilikoi, banana and mango, to name a few.

Stop by Healthy Hut and ask us about our latest offerings from Powerhouse Creamery!

Have an event on Kaua‘i? Sparrow offers ice cream catering and delivery. Contact her at: (808) 639-1781.

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  1. Sparrow Fontoura says:

    Thanks so much Joseph and to all at The Heathy Hut! And to all Ice Cream lovers -Aloha!

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